Jury Selection To Begin In Dell Rapids Man’s Manslaughter Trial

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A Dell Rapids man facing manslaughter charges from 2016 will soon know his fate.

The jury selection process is slated to begin tomorrow morning in Alex Wittenberg’s trial. Wittenberg is accused of shooting and killing 39-year-old Jonathan Puttnam. Authorities say back in November 2016, Wittenberg and his girlfriend, who was Putman’s estranged wife, were waiting to drop off her kids at Puttman’s house.

A fight broke out and Wittenberg shot Puttman. Defense counsel is expected to argue that Wittenberg felt threatened by Puttnam and shot him in self defense.

The state plans to cite plans to focus on what they say are inconsistencies in Wittenberg’s story.

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