What You Need to Know About the Human Flu and Dogs

SIOUX FALLS, SD- As flu season is among us, people are worrying not just about themselves, but their furry friends. However, they may be concerned for the wrong reasons.

A video going around Facebook of a dog with the flu has owners worried. Veterinarian Dayton Williams from All Animal Pet Hospital says there are a few things owners need to know.

This dog in the video had the dog flu, which Williams says is not going around in South Dakota.

“We’ve tested a half dozen dogs and luckily they’ve all been negative. We don’t have to worry about it in Sioux Falls yet, but we are always watching real close for it,” said Williams.

There haven’t been any cases since 2015.

“The closest it’s been was there were three cases found in Sioux City and 2 cases found in Rapid City,” said Williams.

The dog flu is spreading in places like Chicago, Florida and North and South Carolina, so if you are traveling there Williams recommends your dog get vaccinated for $25.

Believe it or not, another flu your dog could be carrying is the human flu.  Your furry friend may not be the best to hang around when you’re sick.   Once they catch the human flu they don’t feel any symptoms, but they do become contagious and can pass it along to other people and dogs.

Williams knows this all too well.

“We had a client come in who had had Influenza B and they were over it and stuff and I had to examine their dog and we were doing good and stuff and a week later I had to go in because I had Influenza B.”

There is no way to test your dog for the human flu, but vets recommend that you wait at least two weeks before letting them out and about if you think they may have bee exposed to the flu.

Experts believe the flu is spread through droplets in the air that are inhaled or swallowed by someone near the pet.

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