Second Annual Women’s March in Sioux Falls


SIOUX FALLS- People across the country marched for women’s rights today including many right here in Sioux Falls.

At 10 this morning 25 hundred people from across the Sioux Empire marched from Carnegie Town Hall to the County Courthouse.

They did it to celebrate accomplishments achieved over the last year and as a call to action for different concerns such as sex trafficking, racial profiling, and discrimination.

There were 15 co-sponsoring organizations and many women speakers who spoke about positive change.

“It’s really a great group of people that came together and does take a great group of women to come together and pull something like this off and I love that more men joined us this year. It’s really heartening to see,” said Co-organizer Joy Tuscherer.

This was a non partisan event so that everyone could participate and share their views no matter the gender, political views or just because they are different. 

More than 200 demonstrations were planned in major cities all around the world.

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