Dakota Spirit Hosts 17th Annual Valentines Classic

Sioux Falls, S.D.- A local cheer competition is bringing out big crowds in Sioux Falls this weekend.

The Dakota Spirit Cheer Leading program hosted the 17th annual Valentines Classic at the Sanford Pentagon.

The first day of competition included dance teams as well as solo and duet performances, the second day included cheer teams.

Dakota Cheer officials say this is a great stepping stone for the teams that go on to compete at the national and even international level.

They also say it’s exciting to see the regular teams come back each year and see new faces too.

“Every year we get teams that come back and we also get new teams, so we’re always excited to see all the different programs pushing their own talent.  And as well as seeing some new teams come,” says Event Coordinator Joanna Fritsch.

Fritsch says there are 123 cheer and dance teams and over 90 soloists that competed over the weekend from five surrounding states.

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