What It’s Like Being An Eagles Fan In Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls, S.D.- “I know I’m definitely not alone, there are Eagle fans out here.  More so in North Dakota now than South Dakota, but there’s some in Sioux Falls,” says Co-Pastor Don Vanderlip.

Vanderlip is a Co-Pastor at the Flandreau United Methodist Church and the Southern Hills United Methodist Church in Sioux Falls.

Originally from Philadelphia, Vanderlip came to South Dakota in 2001 and has been involved with youth ministry until 2016 when he became a Co-Pastor.

But Vanderlip says he doesn’t feel out of place in Vikings country.

“I don’t feel like i’m in enemy territory by any means. I would feel more for the people that are wearing Minnesota Vikings jerseys today in Philadelphia,” says Vanderlip

Being a pastor, it would be no surprise that Vanderlip’s favorite Eagles player is the late, great Reggie Wwhite.

“The Minister of Defense, number 92.  His faith was so important to him.  I mean he was truly the minister of defense.  On Sundays on the field, he would give it everything he had.  But when he was on the sidelines, he’d be asking his teammates, how’s it going with their faith,” Vanderlip tells us.

And then there’s a Donovan McNabb bobble head missing his right arm.

Vanderlip says there’s a funny story behind that going back to the 2004 Super Bowl where the Eagles faced off against the Patriots.

“He just ran out of gas.  So i got upset and threw Donovan McNabb against the wall, broke his arm, the bobble head fell off.  Yeah, so that’s that story, haha.”

As a man of faith, Vanderlip is glad there are so many charitable and religious figures on the roster.

“You got guys on the Eagles like Trey Burton, who is a pastor and guys like Chris Long, I mean Howie Long’s son, who donates his whole salary back to charities.”

But with a win or a loss in tonight’s NFC championship game, Vanderlip says there won’t be any animosity to the Vikings fans of his churches.

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