Weiland Withdraws From Mayoral Race, Joins Sioux Falls City Council Race

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The field of candidates in the 2018 mayoral race in Sioux Falls, is getting smaller.

Candidate Nick Weiland announced today he will be withdrawing from the race. Instead, Weiland says he will be running for an at-large position on Sioux Falls city council.

“Understanding the budget, understanding what it is the mayor does. and as much as I want to become mayor and I will still seek that position out in the future, the city council is a good stepping stone,” said Weiland.

Seven candidates remain in the race, Kenny Anderson Jr, Jim Enteman, Micheal Gunn, Jolene Loetscher, Paul Ten Haken, Greg Jamison and David Zokaites.

That election takes place on April 10th.

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