KBack Radio Opens New Studio

Sioux Falls, S.D.-   If you’re looking to rock out to your favorite heavy-metal hits, you don’t have to look too far.

In September of last year,the number one rated rock station KBAD radio was taken off the air.

Since then the group has broadcasted from one of the DJ’s basements, re-branding their station as KBACK.

They plan on going live next Monday, with daily shows lined up from the four DJ’s.

Now they’ve moved to an office space near downtown Sioux Falls and are ready to bring rock back.

“We built this thing from the ground up, it’s really a grass-roots effort.  We keep saying, this is our listeners radio station and it truly is.  we built it for them as much as we built it for us,” says Co-Owner and DJ Crash.

“This is very much like being in a rock band where everybody has their instrument to play, but we all get to sing lead vocals during our air shifts.  And very much all-american, from the ground up business based on our listeners, our fans and the music we all love,” says Co-Owner and DJ Ron Keel.

You can listen to KBACK radio online here.

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