Sanford Health Expands Healthcare Services Globally

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Sanford Health is expanding their healthcare services on a global level.

CEO Kelby Krabbenhoft announced today Sanford Health will begin services to a number of countries around the world. The expansion will help health care locations in New Zealand, Ireland, Costa Rica, Vietnam, South Africa, Ghana and China.

Sanford World Clinic launched in 2007 and is designed to create partnerships to develop health services around the world. Sanford executives and partners say this initiative is a good match for each party to utilize the other’s resources.

“We found in this case, five or six organizations here today really have the same goals as Sanford and that was probably the most important chemistry issue. They’re coming to the table with the priority of taking care of the sick, the injured and the infermon,” said Krabbenhoft.

Sanford officials also say this announcement will put the Sanford Health name into a global spotlight.

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