Sexual Violence Forum Held For Area Universities

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- The Compass Center is a non-profit organization that helps victims of sexual abuse. They help victims of all ages. Wednesday, January 24th, they wanted to help out another important group.

Area college representatives were gathered at the University Center in Sioux Falls. The Compass Center wanted to provide an open dialogue setting where the area colleges discussed how they can better help their students, and victims.

With 11% of overall graduate and undergraduates in college suffering from domestic violence or sexual abuse, this made this forum all the more important.

Getting the word out about resources to students who are faced with these traumatizing situations is important, but it is not the main focus on the main issue at hand. You need to speak up.

Everybody thinks it’s not going to happen to them, not going to happen to their friend, and then when it does, no one is really prepared. Because they may have heard the university tell about the process and what happens, and they think, well its not going to happen to me. Then it does.” Michelle Markgraf said. She is the Executive Director of The Compass Center, and wanted to host this forum for the first time with the recent “me-too” movement and Larry Nassar trials. This was in hopes that the area colleges would be more prepared to handle these situations and to discuss ideas on how to get better information out to students.

One unique way they have tried this is by putting information pamphlets in campus bathrooms, giving a student that is a victim a better chance to speak up and talk with the university.

These forums are expected to continue going forward with no specific timeline.


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