Someone You Should Know: Lucy Henglefelt

This 30-year-old from Sioux Falls has quite a story to tell, and this is one you should take to heart

As Lucy Henglefelt thinks back over the past couple years of her life, she’s grateful – if nothing else – to be alive. Late one night in 2016, after feeling for months that she literally had a weight on her chest, Lucy could barely stand to help her husband clean their house as they prepared for buyers to come look at it the next morning. Having to take the stairs, too, literally took her breath away. He pressed her to go to the emergency room, she didn’t want to go. After all, she had just had their second child and was busy as well with work. Lucy wanted to believe it was just how any hard-working young mother must feel – exhausted.

But deep down she knew something was off. The 2018 Go Red for Women spokeswoman shares her story in this week’s Someone You Should Know. And she hopes, ladies, you’ll all take the time to listen to what she has learned.

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