New Ambulance Services Come to Harrisburg and Tea

HARRISBURG, S.D.  – Every minute counts when an ambulance is racing to save a patient’s life. Thanks to a new ambulance provider in Harrisburg, the response time should be a lot faster.

Paramedics Plus cut the ribbon to a new facility on Friday. They’re expanding their Sioux Falls operation to Harrisburg. The communities of Harrisburg and Tea are growing in population, and with that comes more patients.

Previously, ambulances had to race from Sioux Falls to Harrisburg or Tea, as there were no 24 hour ambulance operations in-town.

“Time is money and time is lives, and in the reference of being able to get to the area of Northern Lincoln County and communities of Tea and Harrisburg, this is a great opportunity,” said Lincoln County Commissioner Michael Poppens.

Paramedics Plus says this will cut the response time down anywhere from eight to 15 minutes. They say they’ve been planning to expand to Harrisburg and Tea locally for the past two years.

This 24-hour operation means six employees will be living inside the facility.

Paramedics Plus says they currently receive about one to two phone calls from the Harrisburg area daily.

“With A medical emergency, we consider a priority one, a life threat, having this ambulance here will cut response times down to someone’s front door in Harrisburg and Tea significantly,” said Michael Bureau of Paramedics Plus.

Sioux Falls residents are also expected to benefit in medical emergencies. This way, Paramedics Plus will be able to dedicate all of their Sioux Falls resources to more local calls.

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