Sports Bars Aren’t Expecting Big Crowds For Super Bowl 52

Sioux Falls, S.D.- Most people think of football and busy sports bars as one, but for the Super Bowl, that may be very different.

“It is a game that has become a lot of house party type things.  It’s really not a huge bar event,” Says Overtime Sports Grill Co-Owner Jeff Dougherty.

Most NFL Sundays, sports bars in Sioux Falls are packed with football fans trying to watch their teams get a win.

But for the Super Bowl, sports bar owners aren’t expecting a big crowd.

Because super bowl 52 kicks off at 5:30 p.m, a later kickoff time than most football games during the season, Dougherty says the late kickoff is one of the bigger factors why he doesn’t expect his bar to be packed on Super Bowl Sunday.

“If they’d ran the Super Bowl on a Saturday night, I guarantee every bar in town would be packed.  But everybody’s got to work the next day, you don’t want to go out and stay out too late.  So a combination of late start time on Sunday and being Sunday itself and having to get up the next day.”

Dougherty says there won’t be any dining room expansions, no extra staff needed, just the same football Sunday.

“Right now it’s kind of like any normal NFL Sunday would be for us the way we prepare, we got the same staffing, got the same specials going and so forth,” says Dougherty.

But Dougherty says thing would’ve been different if the purple reign made it to the big game.

“if the Vikings would’ve stayed in it, I think we would’ve seen a whole different outlook and trying some different specials and stuff.  But since that didn’t happen, we’re going to go with what we’ve always done for the Super Bowl which is run our normal NFL specials and try and get as many people as we can,” Dougherty tells us.

The New England Patriots will face off against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis.

Superbowl coverage begins at 12 p.m. Sunday right here on KDLT.

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