New Details From Car Vs. Apartment Building Crash

Sioux Falls, S.D.- We’re learning more about the driver who ran from police after crashing a stolen car into an apartment.

Investigators believe 20-year-old Sissy Felicia was on meth when she drove away from a squad car trying to pull her over.

She ended up slamming into an apartment building on south Kiwanis avenue.

The car entered into a room where four people, including a toddler and a baby, were sleeping.

Police say this crime was not worth a chase because of the possibility of innocent people getting hurt.

“You know this is one of the decisions, the officer made the right decision by stopping the pursuit, but this woman still continued on and I guess it just shows the dangers that using drugs while you’re driving can result with,” says Officer Sam Clemens.

Felicia is facing several charges, including hit-and-run and DWI.

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