Parents Trying To Keep Kids Going To School

Sioux Falls, S.D.- It’s widely considered that education is an important part of life, but how do parents keep their kids interested in going to school?

“We have to force our kids to go to school because that instills a good work ethic and attendance ethic and just everything overall,” says Marilyn Whitney, a mother of five.

Everyone knows going to school and getting an education is a very important part of life.

Education is the basis of discovering your interests and develops opinions and have points of view on things in life.

Whitney says she injects the importance of education in her kids at a young age and it’s motivating them to continue to get their education and learn more each day.

“I think the pride in getting good grades on their own is what motivates them to do better and to get better grades,” says Whitney.

Sioux Falls School District officials say they’ve used different methods of encouraging students to attend class.

“Coupons, certificates, bikes in some instances where we tried to incentivize school attendance,” says Superintendent Brian Maher.

In some cases, parents are forced to call police if their kids won’t go to school.  Police officers say it’s not uncommon to get those kind of phone calls from distressed parents.

“Police get called to a lot of situations that aren’t police matters, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t help out.  Unfortunately, if kids aren’t listening at home, that’s one of the things we do is come out there and mediate that,” says Officer Sam Clemens.

Whitney says she sees her situations with her kids as an opportunity to groom them into flourishing members of society.

“The way I think of it right now is I’m raising our future citizens.  I’m raising the future employee that you may have someday,” Whitney tells us.

Reports from the South Dakota Department of Education show that over 1400 more students attended school in 2017 compared to 2016 between Pre K through 12th grade.

Maher says attendance is the key indicator of student success which makes it the school districts main focus in planning.

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