Last Stop Still Grooving with CDs

SIOUX FALLS, SD- Nationwide CD sales are falling and have been for the past couple of years. Many big chain stores have started to Dwindle down the amount of CDs they sell. Best Buy, the nations largest consumer electronics retailer reportedly will stop selling CDs altogether after July 1st.

At Last Stop employees aren’t too worried.

“It’s going great, you know we keep wondering about when the big slow down will be, but it’s been still real steady,” said Andrew Blauth, Last Stop manager.

The store mostly sells new and used CDs books and video games. They hope to gain new customers since Best Buy is just up the road.

“Big box stores for so long have been dwindling what they carry, so we’ve just been ramping up what we carry,” said Blauth.

The music industry has seen a major shift to online platforms. Instead of popping in a CD, many listeners download music streaming apps like spotify to their computers and smart phones.

While CDs aren’t as popular as they were a decade ago, Last Stop is far from the last resort of taking them off the shelves.

“You think about that and more people do, in 2017 alone we sold almost 40,000 cd’s between our two store so it’s still a pretty viable part of our business.”

They’re keeping up with the times by expanding their inventory.

“That’s another thing too. As technology takes some of those customers away, we gain those customers buying iPads or iTouches or the devices things are streamed on, so the hardware part of it too.”

Sales of other older forms of technology, like vinyl albums also remain consistent at Last Stop.



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