Someone You Should Know: Mayoral Candidate Kenny Anderson Jr.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – As we head in to city election season, KDLT News is profiling each of the seven candidates aiming for the mayor’s seat.

This week’s “Someone You Should Know” is a man with deep roots in Sioux Falls.

“Over a million people a year come through these hallways and they show –and get to see– an unknown history of south Dakota.”

The south hallway of the Washington Pavilion is a special place to Kenny Anderson Junior. Not only because of the African-American history that’s on display here, but also, his family’s.

“Next to me is a photo of my father, Kenny Anderson Senior, who was a city commissioner in Sioux Falls.”

“He won every district in the city of Sioux Falls and he was very popular here in our city as someone who was very open to people.”

It’s his father’s legacy that in part inspired Kenny Anderson Jr. to run for mayor.

“Something that I did learn from him, was that you need to listen to all people, to be able to understand the issues and the concerns of the citizens.”

Since announcing his candidacy almost a year ago, Anderson Jr. has made a point to canvass different neighborhoods, and talk to people living in them to get a grasp on the issues.

“Not only housing, crime, our infrastructure is another main issue that I’m hearing.”

It’s been nearly two years since Kenny Anderson Jr. was termed-off of the city council but he’s spent that time on boards and committees actively working to bolster workforce housing and workforce development in the city.

“And allow more people to actually realize that dream of home ownership at different income levels.”

Anderson Jr. says public service runs in his blood and after serving on the council for almost a decade, he’s ready for a bigger role.

His pitch to Sioux Falls voters is simple:

“I’m a lifelong resident of Sioux Falls. I’m an 8 year city councilman, I believe in our city, the potential of our city and I believe that I can help move this city forward.”

Anderson will face off against Jim Entenman, Paul Tenhaken, Greg Jamison, Jolene Loetscher, David Zokaites and Micheal Gunn.

The election will be held April 10th.