Madison Gymnasts Go For 5th Straight Title

Madison Gymnasts Go For 5th Straight Title

MADISON, SD…They’re a team that’s seeking their 5th straight class ‘A’ state championship in a town that has come to expect dominance.

Lead by head coach Maridee Dossett- who’s experienced Madison team is no stranger to the state tournament.

Maridee Dossett, Madison Gymnastics Coach: “Actually this is the same group we took last year minus one, so they’ve been to this rodeo before. They know what to expect. It’s just being able to hold it together and support each other is what is going to be important…”

Of those veteran’s is 13 time state champ senior Jenni Giles, who is one title shy of making program history. And if she wins every event Saturday, it would place her 2nd in state history.

Dossett:”When somebody’s a part of your program for six years like she was….”

Dossett becomes emotional- knowing that this weekend is the last time Giles’ is competing in gymnastics.

Jenni Giles, Madison Senior:”It’s definitely tough to think about it. I don’t plan on leaving this team for good, but not being an athlete in the program anymore will be super weird…”

The bar’s been set high for those relationships built within the Madison team.

Giles:”I really have fun now. I used to be super nervous when I competed just because I felt a lot of pressure on myself as an incoming freshman, but now I like to encourage the other girls because I know what that feels like…”

Dossett:”It’s hard to compare it to other teams, but the bond that this group has developed over this season especially has really been a special one. They struggled at the beginning, but you know our seniors kind of brought them together, and helped them to get focused…”

And focused just enough to notch another state championship.

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