Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidates Field Public’s Questions

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — The mayoral election isn’t for a couple more months, but the public was able to test the candidates during a moderated forum on Thursday.

Nearly 200 people gathered to hear from the seven eager mayoral candidates and even push certain topics of conversations. Questions included public transportation issues, minimum wage and city challenges. Each candidate was given a chance to answer each question. A main topic the crowd pushed was diversity.

“How we’re going to deal with keeping not only people in South Dakota who want to stay here with really good jobs, but also welcoming immigrants and other populations that we need with our workforce,” says Carmen Toft of Sioux Falls.

All of the candidates agreed that diversity and inclusion is an issue.

“Our community can be diverse but we have to be welcoming of everyone to help them succeed in this society,” says Paul TenHaken.

“Diversity is more than skin color. We need acceptance of all especially the younger generation who are interested in the community,” says Kenny Anderson Jr.

Another hot topic was public transportation which had a variety of responses.

Greg Jamison discussed solutions of minimizing and changing routes and making a smaller system we can afford. While Anderson Jr. does not believe a grid system would work in Sioux Falls.

Some came to the forum with a goal in mind where others were hoping to simply learn more.

“There’s a big emphasis on others and keeping people out and targeting either LGBT or immigrants or Muslims, and I want to hear from the mayor that our city is welcoming and encouraging and that we are not going to put up with those shenanigans,” says Toft.

“I’m here because I’m really not certain as to who I’m going to vote for in this mayoral race. I think there are a lot of really good candidates, but I’m not sure who is the best yet, so I’m here to learn a little bit more,” says Elijah Bode of Sioux Falls.

The event focused on business professionals and wanting to engage young leaders in local politics. Attendees were also able to register to vote.

The election is April 10th. To learn more about the candidates tune in to KDLT News on Wednesday nights. We’re profiling each of the seven people running for mayor from now till the end of March.

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