Someone You Should Know: Longtime Businessman Runs for Mayor

Entenman Says Experience Has Prepared Him to Lead

As we head in to election season in Sioux Falls, we are profiling each of the seven candidates aiming for the mayor’s seat. This week’s “Someone You Should Know” is a man who says he has the experience in business and local government to help shape the future of Sioux Falls. 45 years ago Jim Entenman and his brother Lonny started in business. J&L Harley Davidson has grown into an operation boasting 4 stores and 100 full time employees. Entenman says his business experience has prepared him to be mayor.

“I’ve been able to operate an operation, he says. “Chief Operating Officer, CEO, I’ve washed motorcycles, I clean floors, I clean toilets, I can do it all. And I think that’s very important to understand from an operational standpoint, which is what the mayor does so I’m going to be able to handle it.”

Entenman’s success may have a lot to do with building relationships. For example the company’s fundraiser Hot Harley Nights has raised almost 3 million dollars for The Make-A-Wish Foundation in 22 years. Jim and his brother have turned over operations to another pair of brothers, Jim’s sons, Jimmy and Joe. Entenman served a term on the Sioux Falls City Council so he is aware of some challenges the city is facing.

“I think Mayor Huether identified those”, says Entenman. “Our revenues aren’t growing quite as fast as they have in the past, they are still growing, but we need to have a conservative approach but yet be really looking to the future and have a vision of how we are going to continue to grow”, said Entenman.

Tom asks, “What did your time on the council, did it teach you, did it open your eyes?

“Yea it really did, you know there is a need for the city council and the mayor to office to work together if we are going to be a progressive community and I’m prepared to work on those things.”

Entenman says he is ready to spend the next eight years helping the city grow.

“I want to be elected; I want to be the mayor of all the people of this city. I want to continue to make sure we got good growth going forward. It’s got to make sense, we want good quality jobs, we want affordable housing for our people we want lifestyle opportunities for everybody at all income levels, and that’s what I’m committed to doing.”

Entenman will face off against Kenny Anderson Junior, Paul Tenhaken, Greg Jamison, Jolene Loetscher, David Zokaites and Michael Gunn. The election is April 10th.

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