Sioux Falls Thunder FC Gearing Up for 2018 Season

Sioux Falls, S.D.- “People are actually going to want to come out and watch us because I see something great coming,” says Amadu Myers.

The Sioux Falls Thunder Football Club is a semi-professional soccer club that plays in the National Premier Soccer League, the 4th tier of american soccer.

Amadu Myers is one of the Thunder’s best players and interestingly enough, is also the owner of the club.

He says there are many challenges to being a player and running the club at the same time.

“It was really hard.  So when people have questions, they come up to me and ask me during the games or before the game instead of me focusing on my game,” says Myers.

His friend, Bruce Ogwu is a mechanical engineering student at SDSU and the club’s operations manager.

He says he wanted to be apart of this club to cater to the soccer-hungry fans in the Sioux empire.

“There’s a burning passion in there, as there is in many soccer fans and it was just our responsibility to go there and talk to people and let them know that that fire is still here in Sioux Falls.  We just need something to believe in and we think we can create that for everyone,” Ogwu tells us.

Myers played high school soccer in Sioux Falls before playing for Fargo-based Dakota Fusion for a few years.

While in Sioux Falls, Myers was a big fan of the now-defunct Sioux Falls Spitfire.  He says he wanted to bring a team back to Sioux Falls to show the youth that there is a team you could look up to and eventually play for.

“We want kids in Sioux Falls to look up to us, to be like hey I want to play like that guy, I want to score goals like that guy, I want to play like that team, I want to play on that team,” says Myers.

The Sioux Falls Thunder Football Club will play two of their home matches at the University of Sioux Falls, while the other home matches will be played at O’Gorman High School.

The Thunder’s 2018 season starts with a preseason friendly against the Sioux Falls’ American Outlaws chapter on May 1st, and begin NPSL play against Minneapolis City SC on May 5th.

The club is also hosting tryouts for potential new players on march 17th and 18th at the USF sports complex.

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