Chamberlain’s Hutmacher Making a Big Impression!

Chamberlain's Hutmacher Making a Big Impression!

Amongst Chamberlain’s Cubs, there’s a “Polar Bear”.

“I’m just big! Big guy, have some blonde hair, so it just kinda started to happen I guess! I’ve always been either the tallest or one of the tallest or biggest kid in my class.” Chamberlain Sophomore Nash Hutmacher says.

His name is Nash Hutmacher.

Watch him wrestle and it’s easy to figure out how he got that moniker.

“He’s a once in a 20, every 30 year athlete. He’s a sponge, he wants to learn and get better with it. And he has six gas tanks out on the wrestling mat. He can just keep going!” Chamberlain Wrestling Head Coach John Donovan says.

A second generation Chamberlain wrestler, this heavyweight began making a name for himself last year as a freshman when he went undefeated and won the state title.

And that was only the beginning! Five months later Nash went to the United States Wrestling Cadet Freestyle National Championships, and became just the third South Dakotan ever to win a national title.

“It was wild! It was crazy! It was a lot of fun! It’s always been the strategy is to go at it and be aggressive the whole match, that’s always been my key, always going forward, being on the attack.” Nash says.

The momentum has continued this year, as has the attention. Nearing 90 consecutive wins, Nash is already one of the nation’s top rated high school heavyweights, drawing recruiting interest from every college program in the country. He’s also a star lineman on the football team, and could have a very difficult decision to make in a few years.

“I’m trying not to get all caught up and let that stuff distract me as of right now.” Hutmacher says.

“They keep pushing that and pushing it and sometimes you just got to be a kid.” Donovan says.

And this kid is more than happy….

“On the wrestling mat it’s just you. Everybody is watching you and I like that about it.” Nash says.

….To be in the spotlight!

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