Someone You Should Know: Mayoral Candidate Mike Gunn

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – As the race for the open Sioux Falls mayoral seat heats up, we’ve been introducing you to the candidates running for the cities top spot.

For this weeks ‘Someone You Should Know,’ we introduce you to Mike Gunn. A man who made a name for himself through hard work and caring for others, which fueled his decision to run for the open seat.

Gunn says one of the important focal points in his campaign is returning the focus to the citizens of Sioux Falls. “My biggest emphasis is that I don’t work for the city. I work for the people. The people are first. It’s always been that way,” said Gunn.

Gunn learned to be well versed in politics and the constitution from a young age. He, and his family, immigrated to America from Germany. He later earned his citizenship at the age of 17.

“It was 1971 when I became a citizen of the United States. I learned a lot more about the constitution and a lot more about becoming a citizen that a lot of people take for granted today.”

Mike Gunn has lived in Sioux Falls his entire life. Before running for mayor, he started and maintained his own business repairing motor engines. Gunn says the art of customer service and seeing a person, not just a customer, goes hand in hand with representing the public’s interests. “Being honest, and doing good things for citizens as well as customers in no different. When you serve the people they do expect you to do the right thing, but they also want to be heard,” said Gunn.

As Sioux Falls continue to grow, Gunn wants to see it done in “the right way.” He compares the cities growth to the years when he ran his business, growing as he could and in a safe manner. He believes the growth of Sioux Falls is a good thing, but fears of gentrification throughout the city and pushing the small businesses out to make room for bigger ones.

This is Gunn’s first mayoral run. During the process of running his campaign he’s had a special running mate, in the form of his four legged friend ‘Krissie.’

“She’s my motivation. She’s part of the campaign because she loves people too and she want’s to do everything that I want to do.”

The ballots for the open mayoral seat will be cast April 10th.


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