School Safety Policies Sioux Falls School District Wants Parents to Know

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- The Sioux Falls School District realizes there’s an expectation from parents to keep kids safe and they don’t take that job lightly.

To ease parents minds they include safety and security information online, but Superintendent Dr. Brian Maher says they can’t tell parents everything.

“If you had our safety plan you would know immediately where we were vulnerable, I mean you’d have a guide.”

There are some things he does want parents to know.

The district reviews and investigates all threats to schools which takes time. Once the investigation is complete the district will notify parents if there ends up being a real concern. Kids’ safety is the district’s main focus before alerting the public.

“We don’t report every threat and I wouldn’t be nervous if I’m a parent hearing that because we want to balance the credibility of the threat, the safety of our students with potential panic,” said Dr. Maher. 

If a dangerous situation like a shooting happened many parents’ first reaction might be to come to the school to see if their child is safe. The district does not want you to do this. They say it will interfere with their safety plan and the work of law enforcement responding to these situations.

New safety protocols are continuing to be discussed around the nation. In a school safety meeting today President Trump suggested arming teachers.

Dr. Maher said this is not something the school has considered, but they do have school resource officers who are members of the Sioux Falls Police Department.

Most importantly the district wants parents know they are doing everything they can to keep their kids safe. 

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