Sioux Falls Community Theatre Asking For Public’s Help

Sioux Falls, S.D.-  A Sioux Falls community theatre is turning to the public for help with donations.

The Sioux Empire Community Theatre is celebrating 15 years of entertaining Sioux Falls audiences.

But with rising costs of licensing and show production, staff say tickets sales alone cannot make up for those costs.

Another addition to the problem is the growing community and downtown area, meaning there are more forms of entertainment for the public to choose from.

Theatre directors say they’re very thankful for the help they’ve received so far.

“There has been the opening of pockets and helping out every way they can.  And so it’s been very humbling to have that help and it’s nice to continue to have that help,” says Producing Artistic Director Patrick Pope.

The theatre’s newest production, One Man, Two Govnors will open next Thursday

If you would like to donate, we’ll leave a link to their donation page here.

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