Icon Lounge Working To Comply With Noise Ordinances

Sioux Falls, S.D. – One of Sioux Falls popular night life destinations is going through renovations to comply with city ordinances.

“We are now a very active entertainment district and we really need to talk about what the standards should be for sound,” says Icon Lounge Partner Stacy Newcomb-Weiland.

When Icon Lounge opened in 2012, it hosted live music events almost every weekend.

In September of last year, a new apartment complex was built in the Jones building directly behind icon lounge.  Shortly after, residents began to complain about the noise coming from Icon.

According to city ordinances, commercial properties noise level cannot exceed 65 decibels. For residential, it can’t exceed 55 decibels.

Icon partners say they were unaware of a decibel limit change when the apartments were built.

“We had no warning about it, we had no idea that it was going to change, didn’t really understand that ten decibel difference and what that meant, but it’s really dramatic.  In fact, if you just do a decibel reading outside anywhere downtown, it’ll likely exceed 55 decibels,” says Newcomb-Weiland.

Police say it’s not a matter of singling anyone out, they’re just responding to complaints and dealing with them.

“This isn’t something that we’re going out and picking on a particular business, it’s all complaint driven,” says Officer Sam Clemens.

Icon says they closed their doors and windows and insulated them to try and lower their decibel reading coming from the back alley.  Shortly after, they discovered the roof was still exceeding decibel levels.

Because the building is so old, Icon is reinforcing the beams in the ceiling to withstand the weight of insulating the roof.   Even then, there’s no guarantee it will comply to decibel limits.

“It’s not an exact science.  No one can tell us exactly what to do,” Newcomb-Weiland tells us.

Newcomb-Weiland says they have already spent over $25,000 to try and comply with the city’s noise ordinances.

Assuming that insulating the roof will comply with noise ordinances, Icon hopes to bring live music back this weekend.

Newcomb-Weiland says live music accounts for almost half of their total revenue.

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