Residents Still Without Water in Webster

WEBSTER, S.D.- Since Monday the citizens of Webster have been dealing with a water emergency. At one point everyone’s water was shut off.

“So that was kind of just on a whim, like a phone call and I guess we’re just closed for the day,” said Kristen Marko, a server at Pereboom’s.

Some water has since been restored, but people are asked not to use it unless it’s an emergency. The city wants to remind citizens that they must boil the water before consuming it. 

Everyone is handling this shortage differently and just trying to go with the flow.

The diner Pereboom’s is open now, but has had to improvise.They’re using paper plates since they can’t wash their dishes and selling bottled water and soda.

“It’s just kind of minute by minute,” said Marko.

“We purposefully did not make lunch specials because it takes a lot of water to make them and to wash the things we need.”

They also don’t have a public restroom available. The same goes for any other business in town that’s open.

Stores like Shopco say they’ve been selling bottled water nonstop. So far they have not run out.

Other places that need water to operate have closed until further notice like a salon and a laundromat.

Kids have gotten an unexpected break from school.

“Not really having priorities is pretty fun, no homework, snowmobiling, having fun,” said high school students, Cody Berez and Chase Sigdestad

But there are plenty of downsides.

“I haven’t showered since Sunday,” said Berez.

“It’s hard to do a lot of necessities like wash your clothes, shower, wash dishes, eat and make meals,” said Sigdestad.

That’s why neighboring communities are helping out.

Last night after the playoff game, a bunch of Roncalli students and community people got a bunch of water together for us,” said Sigdestad.

“We’ve had friends outside of Webster that have showers and stuff, so we’ve gotten showers and food and everything.”

Now everyone is just hoping that they can use the water soon.

Around 8 p.m. tonight officials released an update saying they believe they have repaired all of the leaks. By morning they will consider lifting the emergency use only restriction, but there’s still no word on when the boil order will be lifted.


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