Students Pitch Company to Investors Through Junior Achievement Program

– Junior Achievement programs in high schools help students learn how to run a business. Today, Tea high schoolers pitched their company to business leaders in the area.

About 30 potential investors were in attendance. The students gave a presentation about their business, with sales numbers, projections, and margins.

It’s called “Give 605,” they are selling water bottles, wrist bands, and car stickers to give money to a greater cause. All profits go to “Kids Against Hunger” in Sioux Falls.

The students say the experience is helping them shape what they want to do as adults.

“Making a bigger company even after high school, and giving more to just everybody, giving out, helping with research or just helping families that need it or, anything like that,” said Derrick Fuerst, a junior at Tea High.

The “Give 605” group will continue to donate money if any items are sold after school lets out for the summer.

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