Greater Midwest Toy Show Vendor Proves Toys Aren’t Just For Kids

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- It’s the 37th annual Greater Midwest Toy Show and vendors are hard at work setting up. It’s one of the biggest toy shows in the US. Since 1981 exhibitors have displayed antiques and collectible toys, such as dolls, trains and games.

This year it’s being held at the Ramkota Exhibit Hall. There will be around 110 vendors with over 350 display tables.

One vendor this year centers his life around collectables and is proving that toys aren’t just for kids.

It’s a lot of work create a display for the greater midwest toy show, but 72-year-old Dean Riessen has the process down pat. This is his 33rd year taking part. He’s the biggest vendor at the show in his category: toy trucks.

“I sell 1/ 64th Diecast Promotion Trucks,” said Riessen

This weekend he’ll have a thousand different trucks on display, taking up nine tables. It takes him hours to set up. Luckily he has help from family.

Dean loves these trucks and the bonus is being around the crowds who attend.

“Well it’s the camaraderie with the people. You meet a lot of nice people,” said Riessen.

Back in his 40s, before selling toy trucks, Dean collected a couple different items.

“I liked belt buckles so I had a close friend at spencer fair that sold a Clay County fair buckle and I got started when he did that.”

Then he moved on to farm toys and from there trucks which has captured his interest for 25 years now.

“I had probably 1500 trucks in my collection and they were all in boxes so i sold most of them off and just have a revolving collection,” said Riessen.

He encourages others who want to collect or sell to go for it.

“But you can start out small and end large. We started here. When my wife and I started we had a minivan and a card table. Now I’ve got a 17-foot trailer and a large pickup.”

To check out all the cool toys and collectibles and see it all put together, head down to the Ramkota Exhibit Hall this weekend.

There is an admission fee: five dollars for adults, four dollars for seniors and kids 12 and under get in for free.

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