Ice Fishing Season Lasting Longer Than Last Year’s

HARTFORD, S.D. – For fishermen and women, nothing warms their harm more than the cold.

“They just love to be out on the ice and fishing and the longer they can do it the better and this year’s been a great year for them,” said Jeremy Rakowicz of South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks.

This year has been longer and colder than last year. In fact according to Rakowicz, we’re about two to three weeks behind from last year.

“Last year, this time of the year we were probably within a week or just days away from open water,” said Rakowicz.

Rakowicz says this weekend should be an ideal time for ice fishing. There’s still two feet of ice on many lakes. However, there are always safety hazards to look out for.

“Look at the ice and make sure that it looks good,” said Rakowicz. “You can tell if it’s getting bad when it starts to get darker than normal. It’ll kind of get a darker color to it, almost a blackish sheen.”

“You can really tell around the edges of the lakes,” said Rakowicz. “You’ll start seeing water first.”

However, Rakowicz doesn’t expect either of those safety hazards to interrupt this weekend.

“Ice fisherman love the late ice fishing just because the water temperature’s starting to warm up,” said Rakowicz. “The fish are actually more active. They can be out there on beautiful days.”

There will be plenty of people enjoying those beautiful days – an estimated 500 to 1,000 people.

South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks says the further north you travel this weekend, the more ice there will be.

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