It’s a Family Affair For the Schlimgens

It's a Family Affair For the Schlimgens

YANKTON, SD…For the past decade Tom Schlimgen’s been leading the Mount Marty Women’s basketball team. Now, after this season, he’s thrown in the towel on his 44 year coaching career.

Tom Schlimgen, Mount Marty WBB Coach: “I told them when they hired me that I’d give them 3-4 years if they wanted me that long, and I just finished my 10th year, so like I say this is a great place and it’s been a lot of fun.”

Tom’s posted more than 640 total career wins, and his 181 wins at MMC ranks among the top 3 in program history. However, Tom says it’s more than the wins and losses column.

Tom:”The real that is really special is when your players come back after a few years, and they spend time with you, and you have a lot of great reflections. That’s what’s it’s about.”

With his son Todd Schlimgen on his staff for 9 of his ten seasons… It wasn’t too hard to find the next Lancer’s head coach..

Todd Schlimgen, Mount Marty WBB Assistant Coach: “The last nine years have been really cool for me. I hope it’s been for dad. I think some day’s it has been. To be able to learn from him my whole life and now to take over for him is pretty neat.”

Tom: “I’m proud of him. He’s earned it. He deserves it, but it’s my job to give him space.”

Tom says he’ll still be cheering on the Lancers, but won’t be attending any practices.

Todd: “I might convince him otherwise, and get him to come once in a while to tell us what we’re doing wrong or doing right. He’s got such a good basketball mind.”

As an avid golfer with 17 grandkids, retirement is time Tom’s been looking forward too.

In Yankton Nicole Griffith KDLT Sports.

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