Snow Days Mean Big Business for Day Cares

SIOUX FALLS, S.D . – As soon as they hear the news, it’s all hands on deck.

“I got ahold of my director and said, ‘start calling staff,’” said Lori Johnson, the owner of Gimme-A-Beak.

Snow days mean “no school days.” Rhis can be stressful for parents.  Now, these parents have to find someone to watch their children while they’re at work.

“We start off right away in the morning running because we know we’re going to get a lot more kids as parents are going to work,” said Lindsey Babekuhl, the director of Gimme-A-Break.

However, this brings lot of business to day cares. Johnson says they care for double the number of kids they typically do when school is cancelled.

“I was happy, definitely knowing we’d get more kids in here during the day,” said Johnson.

On a typical day, the day care center sees kids mostly between the age of two and five. However, they see a much larger number of children up to the age of 12 on days like Tuesday.

“I love school out days because we get a lot of the school-aged kids that we don’t normally have,” said Babekuhl. “It gets us going in a whole different mindset as well. How are we going to keep them going throughout the day? What games can we play?”

Babekuhl says they’re a little different. They are a drop-in facilit  so there’s no waitlist. However, this means they can get busy pretty fast.  

“It’s definitely an adrenaline rush,” said Babekuhl. “You know that you’re going to see all these kids. You got to keep them busy. You got to keep moving.”

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