8th Grade Girls Inspired by Women in Science to Pursue Stem Career Opportunities

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- High school students are often encouraged to choose a career path early on, but for some who have no idea what they want to do that can be stressful. An event on Wednesday aimed to inspire young girls and start preparing them for in-demand, high paying jobs. 

There are so many career options out there, but the organization “Women in Science” wants to guide girls toward STEM related jobs. That’s science, technology, engineering and math.

“They can create, they can explore, they can research. They can do anything they can imagine with the tools that are put in front of them, said Science Exhibitor, Kelly Tollefson.  

More than 700 8th grade girls came to Southeast Technical Institute to learn about jobs they may not know exist like geologist, chemist and zoologist.

Statistics show that many girls do well in stem related classes, but don’t usually pursue those careers. This event wants to break the stigma.

“Cause sometimes it’s like ‘I’m a girl I can’t do that,’ but I think it’s really inspiring to anyone who would come,” said student Kristy Jackson.

The event was interactive and the girls got to try out different equipment, touch things and even hold things like a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.

If students are interested in something like bugs, they could think about taking a biology class.

Organizers hope the experience results in more girls signing up for STEM classes in high school.

Today marked the biggest turnout the “Women in Science” conference has seen in the 14 years the event has been around.

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