Someone You Should Know: SF Mayoral Candidate Jolene Loetscher

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. —  We are in the home stretch of a major election season in the city of Sioux Falls. Six people want to be mayor.

In this week’s ‘Someone You Should Know’ we meet Jolene Loetscher.

It’s crunch time. There are only five weeks left until Election Day, so Jolene Loetscher is taking her campaign to Sioux Falls neighborhood streets.

“We are literally knocking on thousands of doors for the next 30 plus days, so that we can talk to voters and continue to hear them, but hearing their concerns, and letting them access our campaign since we value transparency,” says Loetscher.

That goes beyond just talking about transparency. She has a pretty bold plan of action if she becomes mayor.

“We are taking the door literally taking the door off the mayor’s office because it is not just my office it’s our office, and everyone needs to know the decisions being made in their mayor’s office. They have a right to know what is going on,” says Loetscher.

The 39-year-old is a former T.V. reporter and now a business owner. With her husband, she runs Doo Gooders, Mud Mile Communications and she mentors young entrepreneurs. Her background has taught her about hard work and making every dollar count.

“I started my first business with $300 and an old Daylight Donuts bucket, and from there we have turned it into a business that is in six states and in the biotech industry doing animal genetic testing,” says Loetscher.

One of the hot topics in the race is crime. Loetscher says as a survivor of sexual abuse she goes above and beyond to protect others.

“I have gone to Pierre. I have changed the laws, and I have made sure that Sioux Falls and children of South Dakota and the families of Sioux Falls have the safest city and state that they can be in,” says Loetscher.

Through her ‘Let’s Go Jo’ campaign, Jolene hopes to build trust with citizens and continue growing Sioux Falls.

The other five candidate are Kenny Anderson Jr., Paul Tenhaken, Greg Jamison, Jim Entenman and Michael Gunn. The election is set for April 10th.

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