A Warning to Pet Owners about Food Bag Suffocation Risks

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-  A Texas pet owner’s Facebook post is going viral. it comes after her dog suffocated because of an empty chip bag. Now she’s warning others.

Christina Young came home to find her dog Petey Pablo dead with a chip bag over his head. He died from suffocation. She shared her story on facebook to prevent it from happening to anyone else.

Veterinarian Dr. Angela Anderson from Heather Ridge Pet Hospital says while they don’t see this occur very often it does happen. She knows from experience.

“I had my own dog who got into the trash in the middle of the night and unfortunately got into a cereal box and she was unable to get the plastic bag from off of her head,” said Dr. Anderson.

Her Sheltie, Hailey passed away.

Her advice is to keep all trash cans away from pets. Her clinic sees many dogs come in sick from eating food they shouldn’t or for trying to ingest bones. Also to be careful what you keep on your counters.

She didn’t think it would happen to her, but there are many others who have lost their loved as well.

A whole website is dedicated to the issue. It is https://preventpetsuffocation.com/. They have a “in memory of” page dedicated to pets who’ve died.

There are videos all over Youtube of people laughing as their dog has a bag over their head. Dr. Anderson wants people to know it’s no laughing matter.

Here are tips to prevent this from happening:

  •  If you have an open food container, put the food into a ziplock bag that way it’s sealed so animals can’t get into it.
  •  If you already have a food bag, cut the bag with scissors. That way when you put it in the trash there is no way they can they can stick their head into it.
  • Put a child’s lock on your trash can.
  • Store your trash can in a cabinet.
  • Avoid leaving open food out on counters.


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