Egan Community Works in Snow to Help Family

EGAN, S.D.- Even when snowing the Egan community is there for each other.

“It is such a God send to be blessed with such amazing people in our lives that are willing to come out even on a horrible day like today and help us,” said Michelle Ten Eyck.

Workers began at eight in the morning sawing and hammering to create a room for Morgan.

“The saying it takes a village to raise a child, it definitely does and we have an amazing community both here and in Chamberland that are helping us through this situation,” said Morgan’s Mother Michelle.

The Ten Eych’s 19-year-old daughter was in a car accident in June. She spent some time in the ICU and rehab, but now she’s home. Morgan is still bedridden, and not able to move around quite yet but her family is preparing for when she is able to.

A neighbor noticed lumber out in front of the house, so she gathered everyone together for what they do best, lending a helping hand.

They volunteered their time to help build onto the house. This new space, Morgan’s suite, will be handicap accessible and meet all her therapy needs as she heals. It’ll have a door wide enough for a wheelchair and medical equipment. There will also be an accessible bathroom.

This is just one of many things people have done to help the family of six kids.

“The community has really been united with us in helping us travel this road,” said Morgan’s Father Thomas Ten Eyck.

“From day one it’s taking care of our children while we’re at the hospital, giving rides to and fro sports for our kids, delivering meals to the house,” said Michelle.

Now they just can’t wait for it all to be completed.

“This is a story like a Phoenix because out of the negative ashes we are going to rise and succeed,” said Michelle.

The goal for this weekend is to get the walls and roof up and sealed, so that they can started with electrical. The family hopes to get the whole project finished in the next few months.


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