Sioux Falls Saturation Patrol Satisfied with St. Patrick’s Day Citations

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-  Drunk driving is an issue the Sioux Falls Police Department and the South Dakota Highway Patrol deal with too often.

“Impaired driving is still one of the leading causes of Fatal Crashes in South Dakota,” said Captain Jason Husby.

It was a busy St. Patrick’s night for local law enforcement trying to catch those drunk driving. Holiday’s are nights where there’s a higher chance of people drinking.

The two departments teamed up for saturation patrol- where a large number of officers are monitoring a specific area.The main goal isn’t to arrest as many people with dui’s as possible but to prevent drinking and driving from occuring in the first place.

“A lot of times that will help people to make the decision because they’re honestly worried they don’t want to get arrested for dui nobody wants to do that,” said Captain Husby.

Law enforcement says they don’t have the manpower to do this every night, so Captain Husby hopes these saturations will help people form good habits. However, there are still those who make the wrong choice.

When patrolling there are many signs officers look for.

“Different moving violations that people will commit, speeding, we will also make stops for equipment violations that are in violation of the law. Sometimes somebody that has a headlight out or something of that nature could be impaired as well,” said Captain Husby.

Although several who were stopped last night were sober, they learned important lessons about the law. A women got a ticket for throwing a cigarette out the window.

“You can’t throw anything out of a vehicle, but you also can not throw a burning object,” said Captain Husby.

It’s also a ticketable offense if an underage passenger does not have a seat belt on. Captain Husby wants to remind people that the highway patrol no longer gives warnings.

Whether it’s a saturation night or a regular day Captain Husby wants people to just focus on driving safely.

The amount of DUI’S from the holiday have not been released. However, officials are pleased with this years saturation patrol.

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