Someone You Should Know: Mayor Huether Prepares to Leave Office

No Lack of Passion For Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, SD – Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether will soon end eight years as the City’s leader. Term limits prevent him from running in the April 10th election. The mayor shared his thoughts on leaving office in typical “My Man Mike” fashion, reflecting on his two terms ran us through a seesaw of emotions.

“And he said I love Sioux Falls, I’m going oh my gosh we just hit it a Grand Slam!” Huether said, thrusting his arms in the air.

No one ever accused Mike Huether of not having enough passion.

“I’m mean here you got a postal carrier in this raging blizzard that’s on national television taking about how he would rather be in Sioux Falls, South Dakota than San Diego, California, come on Tom that’s a that’s a big deal!”

The walls of his office are lined with 8 years of accomplishments, each one special, each one a story, from his election night to opening night of the new events center.

“One of my favorite memories was the Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line Concert. I had the opportunity to actually come out on stage and do the very first toast to all the attendees at our first concert.”

It is evident leaving office will not be easy.

“Yah I’m going to miss it. If I could run for mayor again, Tom and KDLT viewers are you kidding me! I would have jumped into that role or that fray in a heartbeat. And I think the odds are pretty good we would have served another term.”

But, in a matter of weeks, this office will belong to someone else. So what advice would Huether give to his successor?

“You know, you don’t have to please everybody on every single topic, in fact if that is your plan, you’re not going to be a good Mayor, because you’re not going to get anything done.”

It’s a lesson he learned his first few weeks in office.

“If you’re going try to get a ton of stuff done, then that skin ah it better be incredibly tough,” Huether warns.

Huether says he’s been the city’s biggest cheerleader over the last 8 years and he leaves his office with a sense of accomplishment.

“Tom I think I’m most proud of is you know we got a bunch of stuff done, we did , we weren’t in here biding our time, are you kidding me we got crap done in government and that is something that people are just hoping for all over the ounces but we did it in Sioux Falls.”

As for the future, in the short term Huether says there are some personal goals he will concentrate on and enjoy more time being grandpa.

“This life is going to evolve and we’ll figure it out,” he said. “But yah, I mean in all sincerity I think everybody in South Dakota knows there’s a good chance you’re going to see My Man Mike signs out there again.”

Huether encourages his successor to hit the ground running. There are six candidates vying for his job on April 10th, making the likelihood of a runoff election very high.

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