DSU to Play Esports at Collegiate Level

MADISON, S.D.- In his free time dsu sophomore Dominic Sharma likes to play video games, especially heroes of storm. Soon he hopes to use his passion to help pay off his college tuition.

Dominic learned about competitive gaming or esports in middle school.

“I was like ‘hey this looks fun, i could win money and i’m pretty good even though i wasn’t and i decided like even though i lost really really hard i had a lot of fun so let’s keep on doing this,” said Dominic.

Now he is the president of the esports club at DSU.  There are about 60 members who play and compete in different multiplayer games.

Esports has grown a lot since Dominic first started playing. Some colleges have made it a collegiate sport  like the University of Jamestown and Morningside College.

Dominic met with the DSU athletics director yesterday to discuss making this a reality.

It would allow esports players to travel and compete in more competitions.

As well as give students who may not be as good at traditional sports a chance to earn scholarships and win money.

“With like video games they’re already doing something they enjoy a lot and they play frequently and students will be like ‘hey i can take this to the next level and i might be able to like pay off my loans and make sure i can pay off the school.'”

Some may not agree with video games being considered a collegiate sport but Dominic says that’s because they don’t know anything about it.

“They don’t understand like that a video game can fill a stadium group of people and it’s just fun to watch. It’s like the same reason why you’d watch football. You interested in it, your enticed in it. You’re cheering for a team and you really want that to team to win,” said Dominic.

The athletic director says it’s going to happen. It will take some time to plan and put it all together.  However, they are hoping it will happen sometime next year.

During the meeting the athletics director mentioned getting a space with computers, so they can practice and finding coaches for the team once it becomes official.

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