Northern State University’s Superfan

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- The season may be over for Northern State University men’s basketball team, they lost in a close game against Ferris State Saturday 71 to 69. However, one thing they can count on never losing is support from one of their biggest fans.  

89-year-old Aberdeen resident Lucille Tollifson has been cheering on her team since the 90s.

She’s always loved sports, but especially basketball. There’s nothing she thought would be more fun than going to the games to see her favorite team, so when her husband retired that’s what they did.  He died several years ago, but Lucille hasn’t stopped showing up. She’s a devoted fan and loves the excitement.

“You just get with it and I mean it’s something that gets in your blood. I think you just can’t stay away,” says Lucille.

Lucille tries to go to as many games as she can each year and has been to so many that she’s lost count.

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