Competition Back for Small Businesses Looking to Expand

The annual Accelerator Competition at Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship offers resources and coaching

If you have a business you’d like to grow but are stuck on how best to do that, or the finances to make it happen, this may be your ticket to the big leagues. The Zeal Accelerator Program in Sioux Falls is taking applications for a program that helps entrepreneurs realize their growth potential. Four serious entrepreneurial teams/companies will be selected and enrolled in a 12-week growth development crash course.

While anyone can apply, Zeal states that, “organizations who already have established businesses and existing products or prototypes that have reached the level of a minimum viable product are ideal. Businesses that are still conceptual can be considered, but are preferred to progress into operations.”

The opportunity is open to businesses in the South Dakota region. Other important dates include:

May 11: Final day for application submissions
May 14: Interview stage followed by selection announcements
June 14: First session of the Accelerator begins

Thad Giedd, with the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship and Will Bushee, a Board Member for Zeal, joined KDLT in the studio with why businesses would want to take part.

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