University of Missouri Students Make a Difference in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-Mizzou students are on a break from school, but senior Kasey Fleming has been busy. She and her peers are in Sioux Falls, helping adults with disabilities write a play for Lifescapes playwright theater series.

“It would be really easy for us to just go home and work or go to Florida and hangout on the beach, but if you really want to kind of learn about yourself and grow as a person I feel like you kind of have to step outside of your box,” said University of Missouri Senior, Kasey Fleming.

This group is part of Mizzou’s Alternative Break Program. Students travel around the country to volunteer and they get to pick where they go. These college kids wanted to make a difference for folks with disabilities.

“We knew we’d be with children, we knew we’d be with adults, we knew we’d do some behind the scenes work, but the actual like conversations that we’ve had and everyone we’ve interacted with has been incredible, honestly,” said Fleming.

They found out about Lifescape on the “Autism Speaks” website and knew it’d be a good fit. Staff members can’t agree more.

“The students from Missouri have been amazing. They’ve jumped right in, they’ve been asking questions, engaging people and really bringing out the best in the people we’re supporting today,” said Jamie Richardson, artistic coordinator for Lifescape Center for the Arts

They’ve offered helping hands to a nonprofit in need of volunteers. Serving meals to and spending time with Lifescape members since Monday. It’s left a lasting impression.

“It’s an amazing show of what our youth are doing with their lives, their priorities. You know there’s a lot that people say about this generation, but they’re leading with their hearts. They’re here for the right reasons,” said Richardson.

The program has brought students to South Dakota before, but this was its first time in Sioux Falls. The students head back to Missouri Saturday morning.

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