Families Celebrate Easter Day Traditions

Sioux Falls, S.D. – Easter Sunday is filled with annual family traditions.

For some people, the day usually starts with a morning trip to church, even going as early as sunrise for services.

The rest of the day is often spent with family and includes a big Easter meal.

Taking pictures with the Easter Bunny is also a big tradition for the kids.

But probably the most notable: Easter egg hunts.  They’re often the best part of the holiday.

And even though the tradition it’s normally aimed towards children who go out and hunt candy filled eggs, one Sioux Falls family gets the adults in on the Easter egg action, too.

“Lottery tickets.  Sometimes there’s like movie passes, there’ll be gift certificates to different restaurants and stuff in there.  My dad goes all out on this so I mean it’s a pretty special time for him and us because we all get excited too about it,” says churchgoer Lance Dvorak.

Dvorak  says his mom makes a big family meal for everyone after their Easter egg hunt.

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