Sioux Falls Family Bringing The Faith

Sioux Falls, S.D. – A Sioux Falls church is bringing all families together because of family.

“Church should be about relationship and if people are here at the Vineyard it’s because they find people that they connect with,” says Pastor Kevin Gullickson.

It’s been six years since Shanygne and Kevin Gullickson opened up a Vineyard Church location in downtown Sioux Falls.

They say God called to them to move from their home in Texas to South Dakota.

The church is set up in a more laid-back and relaxed environment with a lounge-like atmosphere and coffee for guests to drink during the services.

“We’ve tried to cultivate not just a space that is casual but also a whole atmosphere that hopefully people feel welcomed and it’s inviting and people feel like they can be, if they’re here, they can be part of a family,” says Kevin.

And family is what the Gullickson’s are about.

Kevin and Shanygne are both pastors and Shanygne leads the kids church for the youth.

Their older daughter, Emily also leads worship.

Apart from short mission trips the Gullickson’s have been apart of, they say their kids learn about the outside world from the churchgoers that come through their doors.

“My kids get to learn sometimes from other people’s mistakes.  And they get to see the world coming to them because we have several different kinds of nationalities of people that come in, we have different socioeconomic people that come in and all of them are welcome,” Shanygne tells us.

When it comes to Easter Sunday, Kevin says he prepares this service just as he would any other Sunday.

The Vineyard Church will host a Passover Seder dinner on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

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