Students Inspired by STEM Related Careers During Raven AeroStar Balloon Day

BALTIC, S.D.- Raven Industries is a major manufacturer in the Sioux Empire. Their unique tech company, “Raven Aerostar,” put on a special event today to inspire the next generation of workers.

200 middle and high schoolers weren’t at school today, instead they were playing with balloons at the Raven Innovation Campus in Baltic.

Through observation and hands-on activities, students learned about stratospheric technology and how balloons are launched into the air to collect data.

“When they’re sitting in a classroom and they’re learning about a particular topic in physics or science or math that they’re able to connect the dots maybe with something they saw here today,” said Scott Wickersham, General Manager of Raven Aerostar.

There’s a GPS component, which inspires 8th grader Logan Holder. He’s into farming.

“Raven uses their technology in some of the farm equipment around here and what they do with it is it allows the machine to be more accurate when applying the fertilizer, so it saves time and money,” said Holder.

The goal is to expose kids like Logan to STEM related careers or science, math, technology and engineering. Many of these jobs are in high demand.

“We need a new generation of students to be coming through and interested and curious and motivated to be a part of technology development,” said Wickersham.

Now that they’ve been introduced to this field, the company hopes to see some of these kids again in the near future.

“This is going to pay us back some day, some of these students are going to work for Raven someday,” said Wickersham.

Besides Raven Aerostar Balloon Day, there are other ways for students to get involved. They offer a manufacturing career day, engineering career day as well as internship opportunities. Click here for more information.

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