Officers Mourn Loss of Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Deputy

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-The Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office lost one of their own on Tuesday, but say he’ll never be forgotten.

Those who know Deputy Steve Maciejewski say he was a quiet leader, but a good one.

“The way he treated people was magical quite frankly,” said Minnehaha Sheriff Mike Milstead.

Which is why it’s fitting that his nickname was “Magic.”

“I know no one who loved his job, what he did as much as magic,” said Sheriff Mike Milstead.

That’s what Maciejewski was doing when he passed away Tuesday. He collapsed on duty while working at the 24/7 program.

He touched the lives of many he crossed paths with while working for the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Department.

“It was always about his family, always about how can I help someone in need and that if you could say what would you want to see in a deputy sheriff it would be Steve Maciejewski,” Sheriff Mike Milstead.

Deputy Maciejewski had many roles during his time in law enforcement. They all had one thing in common, his desire to help others.

When the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office was looking for someone to help start the Explorer Program 20 years ago he stepped in. The program gives young people who are interested in law enforcement an opportunity to train with police and learn what their job entails.

“I remember Steve putting a lot of his heart and soul in that program. There was a lot of times he had to do things that were outside of his hours,” said Sergeant Preston Evans.

Many of those kids now work in law enforcement including Zach Hagstrom who joined the program in 2006.


“Sitting here doing law enforcement I don’t think I’d be here without him,” said Brandon Police Officer Zach Hogstrom.

Hagstrom didn’t know if being an officer was what he really wanted to do, but after talking to Deputy Maciejewski and learning from him, he knew it was exactly what he wanted.

“One thing I got out of it was the camaraderie that’s in the law enforcement,” said officer Hagstrom.

Officer hagstrom says he’ll never forget Deputy Maciejewski’s positive attitude.

“He looked at me and he goes ‘you know you’re new, you’re going to mess up you’re going to make mistakes but you know in this line of work you’re always learning, so own your mistakes don’t lie about them, move on, learn from them and it’ll make you a better cop in the end,’” said Officer Hagstrom.

One things for sure.

“When you look back on it a long time from now people are going to be talking about Steve Maciejewski,” said Sergeant Evans.

Visitation for Deputy Maciejewski, is tomorrow from 5 to 8 at Community Reformed Church. His funeral is Saturday at 1 p.m.


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