DSU Students Defend Against Cyber Attacks

MADISON, S.D.-  As technology advances cyber threats continue to be a growing issue. Recent controversies include the Equifax data breach and Facebook breach, but students at Dakota State University are learning how to protect your information. Soon they’ll put their knowledge to the test.

DSU students in the Defensive Security Club are one of ten teams competing in the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition in Orlando April 13th through the 15th.

Teams are given a fictional business network similar to a real life scenario.

“We have to defend it from active attackers, the red team, so there’s industry professionals that come in and try to hack into our systems and steal that data,” said CCDC Team Captain, Dylan Johnson.

While the computer networks these students are protecting aren’t real, someday they could be.

As they graduate college and start their careers, this group of guys may help protect people from data breaches.

“There’s threats out there and peoples information is just out their for the taking. We need people to prevent that from being stolen to protect people’s lives and privacy,” said Johnson.

“I think this an absolutely huge asset to these students when they’ll go out into the real world and actually do this type of work for a living. Not a lot of students out their can say they have real life practical experience with some of this stuff,” said Cody Welu, the CCDC coach and instructor of computer science/cyber security.

These competitions prepare them in ways class can not.

“They also have a lot of stress in trying to manage everything  that’s going on in the competition and those are things that are hard to teach that are extremely valuable to employers,” said Welu.

This will be the fifth time a DSU team has competed in a cyber security national tournament. In 2013 they finished in second place.


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