“Fortnite” Taking Over The Gaming Community

Sioux Falls, S.D. – A Sioux Falls gaming venue says a video game, rising in popularity, is bringing more people into their business.

“People like how simple it is to get into it.  It’s very simple, it’s very friendly for any of the new players,” says Galaxy Gaming Manager Max Kaftanati.

Staff at Galaxy Gaming say “Fortnite” is taking over the gaming community.

The free game developed by Epic Games is a Battle Royale, survival game where gamers eliminate each other to be the last player or team standing.

Galaxy Gaming staff say 90 percent of people coming in are playing “Fortnite”.

A reason why it’s so popular is because it is available on all major consoles.

“One of the biggest reasons is because it’s released on all major platforms.  Xbox one, PlayStation 4, PC’s.  It’s a very high quality game,” Kaftanati tells us.

It’s also been very popular with athletes and celebrities.

A “Fortnite” gamer, Ninja was live on Twitch with rappers Drake, Travis Scott and football player Juju Smith-Schuster.

That stream broke Twitch’s record with having 635,000 concurrent viewers.

Even soccer players are using the emotes in their goal celebrations.

Gamers say there is a special aspect about “Fortnite” that makes the game different than other Battle Royale games.

“They incorporated building into it.  Being able to not only do your classic combat, shoot at people, but being able to make things on the spot, protect yourself and building up and being able to get an advantage on people in many different ways,” says Gamer Cameron Burleson.

For those looking to play on the go, “Fortnite” is also available on smartphones on IOS or Android.

Galaxy Gaming says they haven’t seen this much popularity for a game since Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds came out last year.

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