Sioux Empire Pit Bull Finds His Forever Home

Sioux Falls, S.D. – After a rough start to life, a Sioux Falls Pit Bull has found his forever home.

Butterball has been with the Sioux Empire Pit Rescue almost nine months.

As a puppy in Iowa, he swallowed a small toy which then led to a severe intestinal blockage.

After his first family couldn’t afford the vet bills, the Sioux Empire Pit Rescue took him in.

Potential owners looking to adopt butterball needed to know to pay extra attention to him while at home.

Volunteers say it’s a gratifying feeling going through the process of returning a dog to health and seeing him find his forever home.

“When we can pull somebody like that and bring them into our program and we can meet their needs especially when they’re in a slightly unique like he is, it’s just like when everything falls together like that, it’s so rewarding and and it’s why we do this and we love it,” says Sioux Empire Pit Rescue volunteer Brittany Snyders.

Butterball now lives with his new owner in Pierre.

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