Passengers Relive Allegiant Flight That Skidded Off Runway

Sioux Falls, S.D. – Passengers on an Allegiant airlines flight this weekend got the scare of their lives when their plane skidded off the runway.

“Afterwards I thought, this could’ve been just devastating.  You know, if something worse would have happened,” says Passenger Sheryl Fromm.

Allegiant Airlines flight 456 arriving from Las Vegas skidded off the runway at Sioux Falls Regional Airport.

During the flight, passengers remember the pilot mentioning they may divert the plane and land in Grand Island, Nebraska before deciding to stay on course to Sioux Falls.

Fromm was one of the passengers on the flight with her family members.

She remembers the plane skidding on ice on the ground and sliding before finally coming to an unanticipated stop.

“I mean it was pretty quiet, everybody’s looking around and all of the sudden, just boom, this abrupt stop.  I remember my head hitting the seat in front of me and it was dead silence.  We all looked around and said what just happened?” says Fromm.

Fromm remembers the passengers being appreciative to be on the ground safely.

“When we stopped so suddenly, it was just dead quiet.  But then I think people realized that we were okay and started cheering and everything.”

No one was seriously injured from the landing.

Fromm credits the pilot to safely land the plane in harsh conditions.

“The pilot was awesome because the way we were fish-tailing, I could definitely see that we could have gone sideways and flipped or maybe gone over on our nose or something.  I think he did a great job,” says Fromm.

It took an extra hour and a half to get passengers off the plane and on buses back to the terminal.

KDLT News reached out to airport officials for comment but have not heard back.

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