Runoff Candidates Gearing Up For Another Election

Paul TenHaken and Jolene Loetscher face off in upcoming runoff election

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Late Tuesday night, we learned the two candidates who are inching closer to becoming the next Mayor of Sioux Falls. This morning, we learned how they’re preparing for another election.

A runoff election between Paul TenHaken and Jolene Loetscher will take place on May 1st after the field of candidates was trimmed from 6 to 2. TenHaken and Loetscher earned the top voter percentages, sitting at 34% and 24%, respectively. The runoff election comes from neither of the candidates receiving 50% of all citizen’s votes, which would have prevented a runoff and declared a new mayor.

Wednesday morning, both Paul and Jolene met exclusively with KDLT’s Simon Floss to recap the events from Tuesday night, and to give insight on how their preparing for the May 1st runoff election.

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